Enterprise SIP Trunk
Our Enterprise SIP Trunk gives you carrier rates at an unbeatable price. We add absolutely nothing to the wholesale price to bring you the best possible value.
  • Free Setup
  • Includes 5 Outbound Channels
  • UNLIMITED Inbound Channels*
  • Custom Caller ID Support
*Available for customers with a static IP address only, otherwise limited to the amount of your outbound channels. This means a 5 user trunk can have 10 concurrent calls, 5 inbound, and 5 outbound at the same time

Highly Available Multi-Datacenter Failover

Using correctly configured IP phones, if in the unlikely event that either a server fails or a datacenter has a problem, then your phones will simply failover to a second PBX in another datacenter. Once connectivity to the original PBX is restored, IP phones will migrate themselves back.

During a failover recovery, even when some of your phones may be connected to one datacenter and some to another, the PBX will continue to operate normally.

In addition, each PBX is always connected to the carriers at two seperate locations so that if the carrier fails at the primary location, the call is routed through to the secondary location.

No Connection Fees

We do not charge a connection fee to any UK Landline or Mobile numbers (02, Three (H3G), Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile), You are charged £5 per extension per month (minimum 5 extensions) with carrier rate call charges.

Carrier Rate Calls

With our Enterprise SIP Trunks, call costs are carrier rate with no markup whatsoever. This means that call pricing is probably the best you will find on the market. The table below contains live prices as an example. We charge per second on most calls and there are no connection fees on standard calls.

Sample of Enterprise SIP Trunk call tariff

Destination Peak Off-Peak Weekend
UK Landline£0.00249 £0.00249 £0.00249
UK Mobile - 02£0.00999 £0.00999 £0.00999
UK Mobile - Three (H3G)£0.00999 £0.00999 £0.00999
UK Mobile - Vodafone£0.00999 £0.00999 £0.00999
UK Mobile - Orange£0.00999 £0.00999 £0.00999
UK Mobile - T-Mobile£0.00999 £0.00999 £0.00999
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