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In this video we get up and running quickly from a clean install of FusionPBX. We use extensions, outbound routes, destinations, gateways and ring groups to create a minimal but working voip pbx base system.
In this video we do a very quick of Debian 8.x including just the system tools and ssh server needed to complete an installation of FusionPBX
In this video we look at a new feature in FusionPBX that allows us to place limits on different resources, for example: extension limits, queue limits, ivr limits, user limits.
In this FusionPBX In Depth video we delve into extensions and the various fields we can set within them in detail. We touch upon NAT and some of the remedies we can use to combat it.
Time conditions, or time of day routing as it is also known, allows us to route calls dependant on certain time based conditions being met. In this video, we look at more complex time conditions in FusionPBX.
Extensions are fundamental to the workings of any voip pbx and in this video we take a look at how to configure extensions and settings using the FusionPBX GUI.